Dr Liam J Hurley - Damaged Left Testicle

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I went in for a simple vasectomy and this monster damaged my left testicle.Its been almost two years and I've had to have three more surgeries, by a better doctor, to help me get to a pain level I can deal with.

His practice, Northeast Urology, is horrible. The staff is rude the exame rooms are filthy and this doctor was just a plain ***.

I do not regret having a vasectomy and I was not made by my wife to have one. My advice is to see three doctors and check them out before you do this.

Please stay away from this doctor!



I see that this monster has hurt more people, too bad these people didn't type his name in google to see what he was really like

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #660209

I heard this guy was a quack from another source. He *** up some kids balls


Patrick? Are you comparing a burned french fry with a damaged testicle? Hopefully your son doesnt have two french frys where his *** should be.


Vasectomies like all operations have some risks.Dr.

Hurley actually saved my sons life after two other doctors dismissed his problems.

Its too bad you had some discomfort but your comments are harsh and ignorant.Would I call you a monster for burning my french fries at your fastfood job...I think not.

to Patrick Jennings Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #746869

Are you OK?


Thank you for your information.My husband and I have and upcoming appt.

and we WILL be cancelling it.Hope everyone else does the same.

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